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Here I come I’m ready to come home….at dinner tonight at the cheesecake factory where we had the best service I just had to write a note to our waitress….started out saying she had great customer service and the food was great and I’d recommend people going there. At the end I put “thank you sincerely,the Guam family” then (US territory located in the pacific ocean..we don’t wear grass skirts also English is the official language) since some people out here kept asking me when they asked where I was from…just because I say I live on an island doesn’t mean we wear grass skirts,live in huts,have no cars and don’t speak English. I have no idea what people think sometimes.I knew where Guam was when I was in the second grade because I always told my friends “I’m going to move here one day this island is Guam”.
Well goodnight/good morning Los Angeles I will be leaving back to Guam and couldn’t be more excited to see my own bed.

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